About Dr. Glass

Dr. Glass Window Washing is a family operated business that values quality services and good relationships with customers. The founder, Philip Bregstone, started Dr. Glass Window Washing in 1978, one squeegee and one window at a time. Relationships with customers and employees were always a high priority to him:
"I realized this was all about service, and that 'real service,' the kind that stands out, is about interactions and relationships. With my customers, I share about who I am, and they reciprocate, opening up to me. Service is about becoming a person in someone's life," he says. "It's not a uniform or a van, it's the person. For my clients, it's the experience of having a Dr. Glass person in their house. I talk with my clients, let them know the things I care about, who I am, and really listen to them. I get to know them, their children, even their pets.”

- Philip Bregstone, founder of Dr. Glass Window Washing
Our Annapolis branch began in 2004 under the capable management of Bill Mitchell.  Following in Philip’s footsteps, Bill also washed windows himself and got to know the business first hands.  “My master’s degree is in social sciences but now I wash windows and I really love it.  I get to meet nice people, work in pleasant environments, and provide high quality service that shows immediate results and is always appreciated.”  Before working at Dr. Glass, Bill worked for DHL shipping company and was a quality manager at Waste Management, Inc.  All our window washers are personally trained to maintain the high standard of window washing for which Dr. Glass is known. We try to send the same window washers year after year so customers will get to know the window washer that comes to their house personally.  Family owned and operated for over 35 years, Dr. Glass is here to serve….

...From our family to yours!